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Provides temporary relief for muscular cramps and pains, headache, backaches, joints and muscular aches, nasal congestion, rheumatism,  abdominal pains, running noses and insect bites

Content : 20g/Bottle X 3

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Eucalyptus stimulates circulation, warms the body and can also be used for chest pains and headaches. Eucalyptus also possesses anti-microbial properties, killing and inhibiting growths of microorganisms (anti-bacterial)

Peppermint relieves skin irritation and itchiness, and also reduces skin redness. Peppermint also possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties.

Brand : Pinang Nenek

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Content : 20g/Bottle X 3

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Using special local herbs, spices and essential oils from all different countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Spain, France, we produce various selection of ointments, balms, massage oil, blended essential oil and even aromatherapy fragrances.

Our products can be used all purposed as a relief and immediate treatment for general purposes, such as backaches, rheumatism, shoulder pain, stomach disorder, cramps, running nose, dizziness, vomiting, headache, insomnia, minor injuries, cuts and even insect bites.