Our community projects


DFF2U has a building reputation in helping community in needs to provide better living environment. To achieve this:

  • Portion of our sales from 'DFF2U.com' will be donated;
  • Commitment to follow up our community projects to ensure its outcome;
  • We ensure all our donations are properly invested; 

Community Project 1: School building expansion.

Location: Keat Hwa School, Alor Setar, Malaysia. (6°05'51.3"N 100°21'27.3"E)

Above picture: Keat Hwa school logo.

Above picture: Main school entrance.

Project description: It was founded in 1911, making it one of the oldest schools in Malaysia. In 2011 itself, Keat Hwa celebrated its 100th anniversary with three-day celebration seeing more than 35,000 Kedah Chinese and exstudents/alumni around the world participating in the events. The Keat Hwa 100 celebration is also being recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records. As such, DFF2U has contributed to their school building expanding project. 

Community Project 2: Best Wishes Student Sponsorship Programme

As long as RM 500 yuan, you can make them feel at ease in school.

According to Shaw, senior media people after chiu left her old job, love Grant Program is that many people are concerned about aspects of love, because there are those who even think of poor children in the mountains, the school was untenable, meals not food and clothing, but could not help tears, hope Xiao according chiu can think of a way for these children.

After a thoughtful, Xiao-Zhao decided according to the blessing of cultural public funds as a platform for continued assistance resources are scarce these mountains social future masters.

This program is equivalent to re-start, it is not a large range. According to Hsiao-chiu aided object lock in poor mountainous Yunnan Province, China, with the local provincial federation and "Overseas era" semimonthly together to take the tripartite mechanism of mutual supervision, to ensure that grants indeed in place, really help to needy children.

Community Project 3: Help a Children Program