Our Green Projects


DFF2U has a building reputation in helping community in needs to provide better living environment. To achieve this:

  • Portion of our sales from 'DFF2U.com' will be donated;
  • Commitment to follow up our community projects to ensure its outcome;
  • We ensure all our donations are properly invested; 

Green project 1: Renewable solar energy for two sites.

Location: Kuala Ketil, Malaysia. (5°35'55.4"N 100°38'52.4"E)

Project description: There are increasing demand for electricity in this area but lacking of electricity supply in long-term. This project will help to fuel the demand of electricity to support better living environment in this area. There are two sites which has a combined output of nearly 1,000kWp.

Above picture: Showing solar panels for site A of 499kWp output.

Above picture: Showing solar panels for site B of 480kWp output.

Above picture: Inverters at site A to convert direct current from solar panels to alternate current.