About us

Our company

DFF2U is an online retail store under Trends Group of companies offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a cross border e-commerce platform cater for the needs of public who cares for their health.   We partner with manufacturers who incorporate natural ingredients into their products, and optimizing product formulation in new product innovation.

We focus on genuine products from reliable manufacturers who emphasize to produce healthy and quality products.  Our aim is to provide a broad spectrum of products which encompass vitamins & supplements, beauty & skin care, food & beverages, natural remedies and other exclusive consumer items from Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia & Taiwan.  We believe that good things should be shared by all at an affordable price to all consumers.


- Continually expanding our range of products and be the first choice to our customers.

- Always maintain the highest business ethics and excel in our work to provide best possible customer service.

- To be the leading innovative partner of health conscious manufacturers in the region.

- To be the regional online health care store supplying authentic healthcare products at lowest possible price and affordable to our customers, and uplift their overall health standard.


To be the top one-stop center for the region continuously striving to enrich the lives of our customers through partnership, passions to serve and team work.