DFF2U ShiHuaJi Woman's Health Weekly Organic Flower Tea

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Carefully developed for women:

  • Menstruation and pain relief
  • Stable menstruation
  • Stationary Weekly
  • Nourishes the ovaries
  • Warm palace

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Shihuaji Weekly Flower Tea is circulated for 4 weeks.

Different treatments:

Week 1 - Rose Date Tea

Week 2 - Meihe Pu'er Tea

Week 3 - Lily Bamboo Tea

Week 4 - Osmanthus jade bamboo tea

People who often drink flower tea:

  • Increased resistance, not easy to get sick
  • The color becomes better and the spots gradually fade
  • Stable menstruation and normal hormone levels
  • Light posture, no longer constipated
  • Sleep peacefully, Energy and blood gradually pick up

Brewing method:

1) Put the tea bag into the cup, add 85 hot water, let stand for 2-3 minutes, then drink.

2) When there is 1/3 tea soup left, you can add water.

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