DFF2U ShiHuaJi Instant Isinglass -150g x 3 Bowls

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 ShiHuaJi Instant Isinglass 

  • Supplement collagen, increase skin elasticity,
  • Strengthen physical strength, eliminate fatigue,
  • Strengthen brain power, delay organ function degradation,
  • Increase nutrition and improve malnutrition.

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ShiHuaJi Instant Isinglass is rich in nutrients that contain collagen, vitamin E, mucopolysaccharides, mineral elements, amino acids, vitamins and rich in trace elements.

Suitable for:

Pregnancy preparation, postpartum tonic: provide comprehensive nutrition, promote smooth birth, prevent postpartum hemorrhage, and promote wound healing

Women:  A Collagen supplement, enhance skin elasticity. Promote skin repair ability, make skin delicate and smooth.

Male: Blood essence tonic, to strengthen a basic body element. Enhance physical strength and eliminate fatigue.

Elderly: Strengthen brain power and delay the degradation of organ function. Improve immune function and enhance physical fitness.

Students: Increase nutrition and improve malnutrition. Enhance physical fitness and promote body and brain development.

Packing: 150g x 3 bowls/box.

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