DFF2U Warm Patch - Ginger, Motherwort, Saffron, Mugwort - 4 x 10pcs

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DFF2U Warm Patch - Ginger, Motherworh, Saffron, Mugwort - 4 x 10pcs Expand

Mugwort Warm Patch x 10pcs

Saffron hot compress warm patch x 10pcs

Ginger hot compress warms patch  x 10pcs

Motherwort hot compress warm patch x 10pcs

Total: 4 x 10pcs

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Mugwort Warm Patch is suitable for uterine cold dysmenorrhea, stomach pain and body aches. Helps detoxification, dampness, dehumidification, palace cold, relieves menstrual pain, reduces fat, helps sleep, relieves physical fatigue.

Saffron hot compress warm patch the stomach and dispels cold to relieve waist and leg pain, shoulder pain and people with weak body.

Ginger hot compress warms patch the stomach and dispels cold to relieve waist and leg pain, shoulder pain and people with weak body.

Motherwort hot compress warm patch to warm the uterus can relieve the discomfort of various parts of the body caused by menstruation.


Before use, open the sealed package, remove the peeling paper, and stick it on your clothes without rubbing it (avoid using it directly on your skin). After taking out the product, if you notice that the heating sticker is damaged and the contents leaking from the side, do not use it.

Note when using:

Please pay attention to prevent low-temperature scalds; low-temperature scalds refer to the symptoms such as erythema, blisters, etc. caused by prolonged contact with heating elements higher than body temperature; please always pay attention to the symptoms of erythema, blisters, etc.; patients with diabetes, skin diseases, please consult a doctor or medicine Use under the guidance of a teacher.

Precautions to prevent low-temperature burns:

*Do not use it at bedtime; When used in bedding or combined with heating equipment, it will increase the temperature;  *Do not use publicly;  *Do not stick directly on the skin;  *Please avoid using the same part for a long time, And pay attention to confirm the skin condition, if there is any abnormality, remove it immediately;  *Children and those whose skin is not sensitive to temperature changes, pay special attention when using it;  *Do not use this product if you cannot remove it immediately by yourself.

Other matters needing attention:

* No need to rub before use;  * Do not use on clothing that is easily damaged by the adhesive (such as long-haired clothing, etc.) or high-end clothing;  * To prevent damage to the clothing, please peel off slowly when removing this product ( When the re-stick is removed, the adhesive strength will decrease);  *When the re-stick is removed after use, please slowly tear it off (to avoid tearing the bag body and causing the contents to leak);   *Please do not enter, accidentally When swallowing, please rinse your mouth with water immediately and go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment;   *Pregnant women and infants are prohibited;   *Please keep out of children's reach;   *This product will start to generate heat once it comes into contact with the air, please do not use the product Do not open the sealed package;    * Please avoid sharp objects piercing the product sealed package; if you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse with plenty of water. If the discomfort persists, please go to the hospital for treatment.

preservation method:

* Avoid sunlight; please store in a cool place, please use within the validity period.

* Shelf life: 3 years

* Production date: see seal.

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